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A trained dog is a happy dog!  The best ethos in dog training is to see a dog content, happy, stimulated and happy with the environment and people he lives with.


Dog training should be fun for both you and your dog! Using today's techniques there is no need to use harsh techniques or for a dog trainer's bark to be worse than the dog's! Using  either a reward or a  hands-off method called Clicker Training which has a longer term effect on your dog's learning. The certified trainers also use your relationship with your dog to tune into the strengths you already have with your dog, to engage in helping you understand how your dog thinks, reacts and include you in their world.


The key to a happy relationship with a dog is motivational training. We apply a variety of kind and motivational techniques to build a lasting and loving relationship between you, the owner and your dog. Our training will enable you to modify the behaviour of your dog to suit your needs whilst creating and nurturing a wonderful partnership for you and for other members of your family and friends with your dog.


We train using fair, kind , assertive yet effective techniques.  If you use punishment you risk damaging your relationship with your dog which will impact the effectiveness of training given. Also, if a dog is fearful they cannot learn.

The personalised support we provide starts with a Dog Training Assessment (DTA), the consultation is done in your home, this is the best place to identify strengths and weaknesses in both you, your dog and environment.  Your home is your dog's immediate territory and by understanding how your dog works in familiar surroundings and how you and family members respond to your dog is the catalyst to understanding what training (and behaviour if necessary) is required.


Using motivational techniques, the trainer with you will guide you through you Canine Training Plan and recommendations given.


All training is done in your home and surrounding areas to reduce travel time for you, travel stress for your pet and use the time given effectively.  The sessions are booked in advance to suit your personal diary and fit in with your family's  day.

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesnt merely try to train him to be semi-human.... open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog."

- Edward Hoagland