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Grain Free dog food in the UAE :o)

By Dogz Blogger!, Mar 11 2013 09:06PM

A growing trend among pet owners is to change their pet's diet to grain free food. Increasing in popularity more pet care nutritionalists are beginning to attest possible health effects that can be caused by a high grain diet. Dogs over 5 years of age can benefit especially from grain free eating as their digestive system has a harder time processing carbohydrate ingredients (such as grains), as a result a dog may develop grain-based allergies over prolonged exposure to a high grain diet.

Our new category on Petz Plaza specifically aimed at the Grain Free diet includes Osopure dog and cat good, Fish4dogs, treats and canned foods. Our Feline Specific Health category also includes a small selection of grain free food from Artemis/Osopure.

Do check out the various products at

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